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Ioana Paun
- The Birth of Violence
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Symbolism, philosophy and sculpture shed light on radicalised youth

Three non-professional actors symbolize three social entities on stage: religion, family, and justice. They debate the rise of extremism among contemporary youth. What should we do as a society when someone breaks the social contract? While opposing opinions, movements and emotions are projected on a screen in real-time, the audience helps a fourth actor to complete an equally symbolic sculpture entitled The Birth of Violence.

By juxtaposing these two scenographic layers, The Birth of Violence offers an unbiased philosophical perspective on extremism, on the emotional motives of radicalised youth and on how we show/view the phenomenon in contemporary media.

Ioana Paun (°1948 studied at Goldsmiths University London and UNATC Bucharest. In her practice, she studies (problematic) human behaviour under turbulent circumstances. Paun was nominated for the Cultural Inclusion Awards in 2016 and also coordinates the Performance Programme for the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest.

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New creation for Europalia
le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes
Fr Nov 22, 2019  — Sa Nov 23, 2019
Boulevard Henri Harpignies - 59300 Valenciennes, France
ICR, EUROPALIA, le phénix
Théâtre les Tanneurs
We Dec 18, 2019  19:30
Th Dec 19, 2019  20:30
Rue des Tanneurs, 75 - 77
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