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Irina Nechit
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After a first surrealist poetry book, Irina Nechit's poems have evolved into a more narrative, concrete, direct and simple style

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Irina Nechit, born on 1 January 1962 in the village of Antonesti, has studied journalism at Chisinau State University. Currently, she directs the cultural pages of the Jurnal of Chişinău, which, despite its name, is a national newspaper.

Her literary work only began after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After her debut imbued with surrealism published in 1992, Şarpele mă recunoaşte (The snake recognizes me), she published five collections, evolving towards a more narrative, concrete, direct and simple poetry. In her most recent work, especially for the stage, she does not avoid political or social issues either. Thus, the "theatrical document" Coridorul morţii (Death Row, 2010) was written in memory of the victims of state violence of 7 April 2009, when the Communist Party's fraudulent electoral victory provoked protests in the street, violently repressed by arrests, torture, rapes and murders.

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