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Kinema Ikon
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Re-scoring the lost shorts from Romania’s communist times

During communist times, the artists of Kinema Ikon found ways to access and recycle bits of film tape which, in the days of censorship and exorbitant state-control, was difficult and risky. Synchronous with the trends in the West, they created material of rare beauty: kinetic abstractions, scratch animation, surrealist films, non-figurative dynamic forms painted directly onto the film, visual essays constructed from fragments of material reality, etc.

Hence the unofficial character of these shorts, no soundtracks could be composed, so the music was taken from western recordings that had been circulating between music lovers in intellectual circles.

Kinema Ikon's multimedia atelier has undergone different stages. From 1970-1989 they worked on experimental films, from 1990-1993 they worked with mixed media, from 1994-2005 with hypermedia; from 2006 with both hypermedia and hybrid media. Since 1994, the group has been publishing Intermedia magazine.

EUROPALIA has asked 5 Romanian and 5 Belgian artists to rescore a selection of 10 short films for a world première at the Ghent Film Festival / Vooruit Ghent followed by a tour. The films will be screened outside of Romania for the first since 1990, when they were shown at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Artists (scroll down for artist biographies):

Belgium: Ben Bertrand, Céline Gillain, Velvet C, Inne Eysermans and Maxime Jacobs

Romania: Iancu Dumitrescu, Monica Vlad, dyslex, SelfMadeMusic and Makunouchi Bento

Ben Bertrand is a Belgian Bass Clarinetist and composer. While transforming his instrument's natural sound by means of electronics, he creates dreamy athmospheres and hypnotic soundscapes. After releasing a first EP (Era/Area, Off-Record 2017) a « tiny masterpiece » according to Gonzo Circus Magazine, he toured in Belgium and Netherlands (Ancienne Belgique, Le Guess Who?, World Minimal Music Festival). His latest LP «NGC1999» was released on Les Albums Claus in May 2018 and has been part of the ninth MOJO playlist of 2018 with works of Brian Eno and Jim O'Rourke. His music has been broadcasted on the BBC and on NTS.

Céline Gillain is a musician, video and performance artist living in Brussels. Her work is a hybrid of corrupted pop songs, feminist sci-fi, story telling and dark humour. After a debut single on mutant pop 7-inch imprint Lexi Disques, her debut LP ‘Bad Woman’ was released on Drama, a sub-label of Zaltan’s Antinote Records, in December 2018.

Velvet C is a project of Frédéric Soete (Hasselt) and Julien Itterbeek (Brussels), passionate analog vintage gear aficionados. Their sound is a groovy, dreamy mix between John Carpenter and Space Art and is deeply rooted in synthesizer music from the early seventies and eighties. Since about 20 years, both musicians have been experimenting with atmospheric tracks ranging from soundtracks of non-existing doomsday movies to epic ambient soundscapes.

Antwerp-based producer, musician and sound artist Inne Eysermans creates musical performances and spatial compositions, often in combination with text and/or (moving) image. She has produced music and sound for film, theatre and radio/podcast. Her works encompass synthesis, resampling techniques, field recordings, found sounds and text-to-speech in combination with interactive systems and scores. In 2017 she joined as lecturer in sound/music at The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

Under a series of aliases, Maxime Jacobs develops a sprawling musical universe of different genres, some of which are diametrically opposed. He explores not only ambient, including the hypnotic sounds of 90s rave music, but also contemporary minimalist music. His work is related to the themes of perception and strangeness in an environment that he named the "Post-Present". This fictitious environment, in which the virtual and the real intertwine, is precisely at the point of interaction between the present and the future. Drawing inspiration from irrefutable scientific theories, Maxime Jacobs uses a hybrid vocabulary, at once graphic, musical and theoretical, and which is part of his research on artificial intelligence and audiovisual signal therapy.

Iancu Dumitrescu is one of the leaders of the spectral music trend. In 1976 he founded the Hyperion Ensemble, proposing a new aesthetic in today’s music, hyper-spectral, based on the radiant power of sound, within its microcosmic complexity — which is questioned, analyzed, recomposed from a spectral perspective. Dumitrescu is also founder and artistic director of the International Music Festivals of Computer Assisted Music, Acousmania, Musica Nova, Musica Viva and the International Spectral Music Festival, Spectrum XXI – held annually in three European capitals. His music is performed all over the world, with different ensembles, soloists and orchestras. As a Blodget artist in Residence at the Harvard University he shared his methods and techniques of composition to the students graduates in composition. His output includes more than 300 works, chamber music, electroacoustic, orchestral music, computer music, etc.

dyslex (sometimes abbreviated d s l x) is a sound project focusing on soundscaping, nanotextures and nonlinear audio storytelling, raging from sound structures, acoustic experiences and sound installations to improvisation and composition. introverted, e(xc)lusive, unpredictable and patern oriented; since 2003.

Mihai Salajan is a musician and film director from Arad, România. Under the Selfmademusic alias, he is exploring the experimental aspect of film scoring, delving into different works, ranging from cinematic ambient electronic music through avant-garde and musique concrete.

The Makunouchi Bento, or traditional Japanese lunchbox, is a highly lacquered wooden box divided into quadrants, each of which contains different delicacies. Itis also one of the most familiar images of Japan's domestic environment. Reading the box as both an object and a metaphor, Felix Petrescu (Waka X) and Valentin Toma (Toma Carnagiu, FKA Qewza) gave birth to this cinematic / experimental / electroacoustic project back in late 2000. The two Romanians have somehow managed to put together quite a reasonable discography so far: 3 albums and 3 personal compilations, 37 EPs and singles.

Monica Vlad changes the functionality of old media devices and everyday objects to create new sounds. She combines the astonishing sound textures and seemingly endless possibilities of the noise genre with sounds from opposite genres such as classical music to create a “paradox soundscape.” Her live performances are different each time, but always intense, dramatic and powerful.

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