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Lucian Bratu
— Angela Moves On (1981)
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An atypical love story.

Angela lives a fulfilling, albeit seemingly mundane life: nearing middle-age, she’s an exemplary worker, driving cabs across Romania’s capital, interacting with the various strangers she ferries around and spending her lonely nights watching TV in her small apartment on the outskirts of town. Things change when Gyuri, a returning client, steps into her cab and into her heart. Each seeking the companionship they’ve abandoned in past lives (Angela herself a divorcée from an abusive drunkard), they begin a romance that will test the limits of their self-reliance and independence.

Moving away from the picture-perfect stars of Romanian cinema, Lucian Bratu (a director with a singular sensibility towards its female characters) teams up with one of Romania’s most well-known film critics of the period, Eva Sârbu, to cast Rodica Lazar as the empowered working-class protagonist. An atypical love story, Angela Moves On avoids the trappings of glossy melodrama by delivering a candid, unfiltered portrait of middle-aged longing and the aching self-sacrifice of love. 

Subtitles: FR - EN


Directed by: Lucian Bratu

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