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Madalina Dan
- The Agency of Touch
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Tactile experience/performance reverses the roles of artist and audience.

In the soft light of The Agency of Touch, Madalina Dan presents her audience with a tactile experience that initially seems to be a sort of narrative massage. The “dialogue in body language” includes a tactile one-on- one performance and a “mapping” where spectators draw their tactile experience on paper. The Agency of Touch offers a space and a method to learn about one’s own body and invites the audience to use that sensory sensation in daily life. The performance also switches things around: instead of “artist depicts and audience feels”, the artist feels and the audience translates her feelings into imagery.

Madalina Dan is a dancer, choreographer and playwright who studied in Bucharest, Arizona and Vienna. In 2015, she obtained her master’s from the HZT (Hochschulü- bergreifendes Zentrum Tanz) in Berlin with The Agency of Touch. Her work has been shown in Utrecht, London, Prague, Berlin, Lyon, Vienna and New York. She is an active and award-winning member of the contemporary dance scene in Romania.

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Fr Nov 1, 2019  — Sa Nov 30, 2019