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An introduction to Romania and its national identity

This exhibition unfolds itself around two chronological anchor points: the birth of a Romanian national identity in the 19th Century and the fall of Ceauşescu and the revolution in 1989. It offers non- exhaustive readings of Romanian society and its very rich and broad art production. It focuses on artistic practices in relation to past and present dichotomies, between communist times and the time of transition and beyond.

Perspectives encompasses works from the beginning of the modern tradition to contemporary art, with a strong focus on the historical avant-gardes. It is an introduction to Romania and, at the same time, a starting point for the EUROPALIA ROMANIA festival, with artists like Geta Bratescu, Ion Grigorescu, Mircea Cantor and many others.

Curators: Wim Waelput en Igor Mocanu

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We Oct 2, 2019  — Su Jan 12, 2020
Same ticket as Brancusi. Sublimation of Form.
Rue Ravenstein 23 - 1000 Brussels