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Petre Raileanu
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Petre Răileanu is specialized in the literary and artistic avant-garde in Romania and France

In the framework of Nous sommes tous un peu dada

Essayist, literary critic and translator, Petre Răileanu (born 13 April 1951, in Brăila) left Romania in 1992, where he was a publisher, to live in Paris. There, he worked as a journalist for Radio France International. He has published articles, studies and essays, in France and in Romania, which shed light on the zones of interference between the two cultures, particularly in the days of literary and artistic avant-gardes. Eminent specialist of Gherasim Luca and Romanian Surrealism, Petre Răileanu, editor of the magazine Lettres roumaines, is the 2012 winner of the Sarane Alexandrian avant-garde grant, for his essay: Le Groupe surréaliste roumain ou la vie dans la vie.

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