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Sergiu Nicolaescu
— Michael The Brave (1970)
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Considered to be the biggest Romanian historical epic of all time.

Considered to be the biggest Romanian historical epic of all time Michael The Brave pieces together the rise and fall of the titular Romanian ruler who reigned in the Wallachia principality between 1593 and 1601. Decided to unite the three principalities (Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia), this will see him travel to Italy, Turkey, and wage war with the Turkish, Austrian and Polish empires. His short-lived victory will cost him his life, but offer immortality as a national hero.

Ambitious in its ideological scope of nation-building and with elaborate battle scenes that employed upwards of 7,000 extras, Michael The Brave has all of the figures (both political and literal) to back up its claim to the “top” of Romanian cinema. Its propagandistic tone and historical inaccuracies notwithstanding, the film’s epic qualities indulge a maximalist (re)vision of history on film that has yet to be matched in Romanian cinema.

Michael The Brave is part of Negotiating History @ Cinéma Galeries

Subtitles: FR - EN


Directed by: Sergiu Nicolaescu

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Mo Jan 13, 2020 19:00
106' + 102'
€8,5 | €6,5
Galerie de la Reine 26 - 1000 Brussels