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Taraf de Impex
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Gipsy tradition meets modern electronica

After more than three decades of touring the world, the founding members of Taraf de Haidouks are back! These days, the troupe of lăutari or traditional Romanian musicians are now known as Taraf de Caliu, after their lead violinist Gheorghe “Caliu” Anghel. As part of a brand-new concept, they team up with leading figures of Romania’s underground scene. The legendary Lautari musicians from the Gypsy village of Clejani, west of Bucharest, encounter the eclectic and electric Impex project, which brings together musicians from acts such as Steaua De Mare, Plevna, Zveena, Zebre and PC Harem, all of which are associated with the Impex recording studio in Bucharest.

Six Haidouks and seven Impex members blend tradition and contemporary music and culture in a project that stays true to the spirit of traditional Romania while introducing something fresh and unfamiliar. Taraf de Impex proves that tradition is contemporary. Created especially for EUROPALIA ROMANIA, the idea behind this project is the conservation of tradition by adapting the latter to the demands of today's world, without losing its original character. The unlikely but genius collaboration builds bridges not only between tradition and modernity but also between generations and cultures.

Gheorghe ‘Caliu’ Anghel: violin / Robert Gheorghe: violin / Ionica Tanase: cimbalom / Marius ‘Marin’ Manole: accordeon - vocals / Sile Neacsu: bass / Filip Simeonov: clarinet / Viorica Rudareasa: vocals

Andrei Dinescu: vocals, violin, percussion and synthesizer / Horatiu: harmony keyboard and effects / Jerry Boaca: solo gypsy oriental keyboard / Daniel Busnea: clarinet, saxophone and 3-4 types of traditional flutes / Eugen Imecs: percussion and electronic drums / Thomas Höfer: vocals and guitar + drum machines for the tehno-house parts / Alex Corlan: bass / Renato Chiciu: vocals

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New creation for Europalia
Electric Brixton
We Nov 20, 2019 19:00
Town Hall Parade, Brixton - London SW2 1RJ, UK
ICR, EUROPALIA, KazuM, Como no, Romani in UK
Ancienne Belgique
Th Nov 21, 2019 00:00
Boulevard Anspach 110, 1000 Brussels