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The Attic presents -
Milan W. & The Tulnic Ensemble of Avram Iancu
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Antwerp-based Milan W. composes music for the tulnic, a traditional Romanian instrument

One of EUROPALIA ROMANIA’s residency highlights is an encounter between Belgian electronic music composer Milan Warmoeskerken and a tulnic Ensemble comprising 5 women from the village of Avram Iancu. The tulnic is a 2,5m - 3m long traditional wind instrument that has been around since the Middle Ages and was originally used as a communication tool in mountain village communities .

Milan W. spent 10 days in the Transylvanian mountains and will experiment with the harmonies and textures of the traditional wind instrument to create a long electroacoustic piece. How far can he go in terms of rhythm? What are the melodic capacities of the instrument? Is effect processing and dubbing possible on this rather big instrument?

This project is realised in collaboration with The Attic, an online music magazine, which focuses on a wide spectrum of genres and investigates how music is modeled after specific socio-cultural contexts.

Read more about Milan W. & The Tulnic Ensemble in The Attic

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New creation for Europalia
STUK, Leuven
Th Oct 3, 2019 20:00
€14 basis €10 STUKkaart / cultuurkaart - VVK €12 basis €8 STUKkaart / cultuurkaart
Les Brigittines
Fr Oct 4, 2019 20:00
Petite rue des Brigittines 1000 Brussels
ICR, EUROPALIA, Les Ateliers Claus, Les Brigittines