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The Great Communist Bank Robbery
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The reconstruction of the strangest bank heist in Romanian history

One quiet morning in 1959, the Romanian National Bank was robbed, like in the American movies. It was an exceptional event, in a Communist country, where there was only one bank, money wasn’t worth a lot and it was nearly impossible to run abroad.

After less than 2 months, six people were arrested and charged with the robbery. All of them high-ranking members of the nomenklatura, all of them Jews. After the investigation, the defendants were asked to play their own parts in a reconstruction film, directed by the secret police. This 1960 film, entitled "Reconstruction”, shows less than it hides.

After nearly 50 years, many questions are left open. Searching for answers, The Great Communist Bank Robbery tries to restore the truth of an era plunged into lies and manipulation.

Marele jaf comunist | by Alexandru Solomon | 2004 | 75'

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