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The Reenactment
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Two students are forced by the court to reconstruct a drunken evening in front of the cameras

In the presence of producer Marin Karmitz

Ripu and Vuica are two young students who celebrate their promotions one night by drinking one glass too many. Drunk, they attack the bar owner, break a window and fight each other. A few days later, they are led back to the scene of the crime by a police officer, a judge, a teacher and a film crew. The judge has decided that instead of going to jail, they will have to work as actors in a state sponsored documentary against alcoholism. They must faithfully reconstruct the events of that day, from the assault on the bartender to the final fight. That which did not happen in real life ends tragically in the fictionalized version.

Moderator: Dominique Nasta

Reconstituirea | by Lucian Pintilie | 1968 | 100'

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Fr Dec 6, 2019 19:00