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Virginia Lupu
- Failproof Witch
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Lupu produces a new body of photographic and video work focusing on the major witches’ reunion taking place in Romania this year

Within the framework of EUROPALIA, and as part of ALIAS, a group show with and throughout the city of Aalst, the artist Virginia Lupu (°1990) will produce and present a new project curated by Anca Rujoiu.

Nine contemporary artworks are distributed throughout the city of Aalst. Some places are popular and crowded. Other places remain hidden to most people or have residents who remain invisible. Throughout the exhibition, fact and fiction intertwine. Just as a city transforms under the influence of its inhabitants and visitors, so do residents change due to the city they live in. Because of this interaction, residents give new meaning to the word citizenship.

In the context of ALIAS, Virginia will produce a new body of photographic and video work focusing on the major witches reunion that will take place in Romania, later this year. By capturing this ritual through photographs and videos, the artist will hark back to the political roots of witchcraft and reassert its power.

This commission is anchored in the current, but also historical context of Aalst and the artist will conduct research on the occult and magical practices that have yet to find a critical representation in Romania's visual culture. While working with and immersing herself into various Roma communities, the artist will highlight the female figures of this gender-exclusive practice and reflect on transgenerational dialogues.

Curator: Anca Rujoiu

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Europalia Residency
Netwerk Aalst
Sa Sep 28, 2019  — Su Dec 1, 2019
€ 5,00 | € 3,00
Houtkaai 15
- 9300 Aalst
EUROPALIA International, ICR, Netwerk Aalst, Speedwell, Well One