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Wanda Mihuleac
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Graphic arts and poetry, an encounter with Wanda Mihuleac

Wanda Mihuleac (°1946, Bucharest) is a versatile visual artist. In this exhibition, she presents her collection of 101 ‘slate books’ produced in collaboration with 101 French and French-speaking poets (including Belgians Werner Lambersy, Yves Namur, Laurence Vielle, Béatrice Libert, Jan Mysjkin and Romanians Magda Carneci, Linda Maria Baros, Matei Visniec, Serban Foarta, Valeriu Stancu and Claudiu Komartin). First shown in 2018 during her exhibition Contextualisations at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, this collection, halfway between graphic art and poetry, will travel to the Théâtre de Liège on the occasion of the festival. The programme includes an encounter with Wanda Mihuleac and several authors of these slate books.

Curator: Andra Visniec

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Théâtre de Liège
We Oct 9, 2019  — We Oct 30, 2019
Place du Vingt Août 16 - 4000 Liège