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Wim Vandekeybus/ Ultima Vez
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Choreographic and musical search for our inner primal beast

In his latest production, TRACES, Wim Vandekeybus follows the traces he has left. He looks back on the intuitions that started his search.

In Vandekeybus’s most recent productions, fables were central. In TRACES, he returns to the body, the instinc- tive reaction, the now, and the immediate energy found in his first performances. He does so with attention to the modern, complex, chaotic and contingent reality of the body. The result is a rediscovery of a simultaneously powerful and vulnerable vitality in a world of techno- logical and ecological menace. How much nature still lives in humanity? How much animal? TRACES is not about the outside world, about the culture that man has constructed. It is a search for the traces of nature forgotten by the body.

In Romania’s overwhelming natural landscape, which includes Europe’s last primaeval forests, Vandekeybus searches for traces older than man and his memory. It is the inner story that unfolds beyond language, and that can only be told in the pulses of dance and music.

Eleven dancers and five musicians perform TRACES. The music is written and performed live by Marc Ribot and Trixie Whitley.

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New creation for Europalia
Concertgebouw Brugge
Su Dec 8, 2019 20:00
t Zand 34 - 8000 Brugge
Cultuurcentrum Hasselt
Tu Dec 10, 2019 20:00
Kunstlaan 5 - 3500 Hasselt
Sa Dec 14, 2019  20:00
Su Dec 15, 2019  20:00
Tu Dec 17, 2019  18:00
We Dec 18, 2019  20:00
Quai aux pierres de taille 7 - 1000 Brussels