• Nan Jombang - Rantau Berbisik © Fionna Cullen
  • Meniti jejak - Sherli Novalinda © Ariel Kusuma Istyana
  • I Gede Radiana Putra Baris Dance © Crisco 1492
  • Eko Supriyanto, Balabala © Witjak Widhi Cahya / Komunitas Salihara
  • © Witjak Widhi Cahya Komunitas Salihara
  • © Wayang Hip Hop


An entire weekend at BOZAR (08 12 '17 – 10 12 '17) devoted to the spectacular coming together of the contemporary and the traditional.

Saluang dendang

Saluang dendang Saluang, the enormous bamboo flute of the Minangkabau people, often accompanies dendang, local folk songs full of humour and good advice.


Mataniari Toba Batak Music and DanceDespite external influences, the Batak people of Lake Toba have managed to preserve their myriad musical traditions. Their rhythms are among the most complex in Asia.

Voices of Papua

Voices of Papua Papuan polyphonic singing, always accompanied by ritual dance, is one of the oldest musical traditions still in existence today.

Eko Supriyanto

Eko Supriyanto Balabala In Jailolo, Eko worked with five young women on the martial art of pencak silat. His slow, rhythmic choreography is an ode to feminine strength.

I Wayan Gde Yudane & Gamelan Wrdhi Swaram

I Wayan Gde Yudane & Gamelan Wrdhi Swaram AquifersNEW CREATION. One of the most important composers of contemporary gamelan, Yudane performs his masterpiece Aquifers, followed by four new pieces composed specially for EUROPALIA. New creation

Wayang Hip Hop

Wayang Hip Hop Inspired by shadow theatre and traditional Javanese melodies, Wayang Hip Hop is a perfect example of the adaptability of hip hop around the world.

Moh. Hariyanto

Moh. Hariyanto G.H.U.L.U.R.Moh. Hariyanto from the Island of Madura has shot to international fame with G.H.U.L.U.R., choreography of rare power and violence using heavy, corrugated steel sheets.

Nan Jombang

Nan Jombang Whispering of ExileThe Nan Jombang dance company bases its superb and rigorous contemporary choreographies on Minang traditions, martial arts and percussion.

Pencak silat

Pencak silat Pencak silat is the collective name for traditional Indonesian martial arts. Every region developed different styles, often mimicking local animals. Pencak silat has gotten very mixed with spiritual elements, in which the physical and the spiritual development go hand in hand.

Sherli Novalinda

Sherli Novalinda In the Footsteps of the BodyWith a simple yet powerful scenography, Sherli Novalinda proposes a moving choreography, focusing on the powerful body of the soloist Kurniadi Ilham.

Mugiyono Kasido

Mugiyono Kasido The RumorsIn his solo, The Rumors, dancer Mugiyono Kasido observes with acerbic humour the chaos that reigns in the society, economy and politics of his country.

I Gede Radiana Putra

I Gede Radiana Putra Baris DanceBaris, the traditional martial art dance of Bali, explores the full spectrum of emotions experienced by a young man leaving for war, from his initial fear to final victory.