• © Prihatmoko Moki
  • © The Cover of Wajang Purwa no. 19, by Ardisoma
  • Atom Jardin © Yudha Sandy

EUROPALIA @ Muntpunt

Discover Indonesia in the heart of Brussels! 

Indonesia will be in the spotlight during the biennial festival, EUROPALIA. Come along to Muntpunt for a journey through the traditional and modern culture of this fascinating country.

Experts will share their vision on Indonesian culture through a range of lectures. Artists will show their work in several exhibitions, and Muntpunt itself has gathered an inspiring collection about the country. 


Muntpunt Boekenrondleiding: Boekenreis door IndonesiëNederlandse Muntpuntcollega Pieta gidst je door Muntpunt op zoek naar fictie en non-fictie over Indonesië.

Ecology and Literature in Indonesia

Ecology and Literature in Indonesia With Zubaidah Djohar, Godi Suwarna & Melani BudiantaDuring this lecture, find out more about the ecology of Indonesia through the country's literature. With Melani Budianta, Zubaidah Djohar & Godi Suwarna

Indonesian comics and culture

Indonesian comics and culture Two experts of the comic strip culture in Indonesia will share their vision and experience of this subject. With Seno Gumira Ajidarma and Beng Rahadian

Yudha Sandy

Yudha Sandy 26 10 '17 > 24 11 '17 @ Muntpunt & 12 10 '17 > 13 12 '17 @ CC Strombeek. Yudha Sandy is a master of the technique of paper cutting. He will present gorgeous original plates from his comic strip Atom Jardin at Muntpunt, as well as a mural at CC Strombeek.

Prihatmoko Moki

Prihatmoko Moki The Soldiers without a King26 10 '17 > 16 12 '17 @ Muntpunt. Silkscreens, comic strips, drawing, painting and music: Moki has many strings to his bow. Muntpunt gives him carte blanche to create a fresco on its immense glass facade.