• © Witjak Widhi Cahya/Komunitas Salihara
  • © I Wayan Gde Yudane
  • Garasi Seni Benawa © Rahayu Supanggah

Focus on gamelan

It is impossible to approach Indonesian music without starting with the gamelan, its most emblematic ensemble. Composed of gongs, metallophones, drums and other percussive instruments of all genres to which flutes, stringed instruments and even voices can be added, the gamelan has had a huge influence on Western and international music. 

Already a thousand-year tradition, the gamelan has lost none of its freshness or relevance: musicians continue to invent new instruments and the repertoire continues to evolve with contemporary and experimental compositions.

Four legendary names have accepted the invitation to demonstrate the immense diversity of the gamelan: A. L. Suwardi, I Wayan Gde YudaneRahayu Supanggah and Iwan Gunawan

The latter is participating in a unique project organized by the festival: Moondog for Gamelan. In collaboration with Stefan Lakatos, he and his ensemble will play the music of Moondog on a gamelan especially built for the occasion. 

A.L. Suwardi

A.L. Suwardi Planet HarmonikFor Planet Harmonik, grandmaster of gamelan, A.L. Suwardi, takes inspiration from the Music of Spheres, which is performed on instruments of his own making.

Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa

Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa The Garasi Seni Benawa gamelan, conducted by Rahayu Supanggah, is known for its rich timbre and the virtuosity of its accompanying singers.

Balinese Dance Focus

Balinese Dance Focus Dance of the demon, Dance of the old man & Legong semaradhanaThis magnificent anthology of traditional Bali dances, including that of the demon and the old man, will be accompanied by the gamelan of master I Wayan Gde Yudane.

Iwan Gunawan & Stefan Lakatos

Iwan Gunawan & Stefan Lakatos Moondog for GamelanNEW CREATION. Compositions by the legendary Moondog lend themselves magnificently to a Javanese gamelan especially created for the occasion. New creation