• © Zubaidah Djohar
  • © Norman Erikson Pasaribu
  • © Intan Paramaditha
  • © Ben Sohib
  • © Lily Yulianti Farid
  • ©Margareta Astaman
  • Tan Lioe Le ©Agus Wiryadhi Saidi
  • ©Godi Suwarna

Anthology of the contemporary Indonesian literature

Indonesian literature, like the natural and social landscape of the country, is heterogeneous and fluid, reflecting traditions as old and as new, and as varied, as the lifestyle of its population. Unfortunately, few of the country’s authors are known outside its borders. This anthology aims to widen that limited horizon of exposure with the inclusion of literary work by nine talented authors from a variety of regions. 

This anthology covers various genres and styles. The poetry ranges from Norman Erickson’s lyrical poetry, Godi Suwarna’s chanting, Tan Lioe Ie’s prophetic quartets, to Zubaidah’s peace oratory. The prose includes Intan Paramaditha’s feminist rewriting of horror and mystery, M. Iksaka Banu’s historical fiction, Ben Sohib’s tales of humor in daily lives, Lily Yulianti Farid’s stories of family pathos, and Margareta Astaman’s blog essays. 

From historical fiction to blog essays, there is in the work herein a bridge from the past to the present, or more precisely a window to see the past in the present. The social realities depicted in the stories and the literary esthetics of the works compiled in this anthology are the entry to learn about the way Indonesians process a long history of cross-cultural dialogue with the world, the hybrid mixture of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional.

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