A first impression of the programme A first impression of the programme


Europalia together with the Indonesian team are now fully engaged in developing the festival programme. EUROPALIA INDONESIA will run from 10 October 2017 to 21 January 2018 and will present Indonesian traditions and contemporary culture (with a special attention for creation and exchange) in numerous exhibitions, dance and theatre performances, concerts, film and literary events in dozens of cities and municipalities in Belgium plus in several other European countries. 

EUROPALIA INDONESIA will take you on a journey through ten of thousands millenia, in an archipelago whose internal dynamics and its dialogue with the outside world is exceptional. Indonesia has 17.000 islands, some 300 ethnic groups, speaking some 714 different languages .... A country that holds immeasurable artistic wealth,  that is both steeped in tradition and modernity, its rurality and its smart cities, since Java Man until today. 

Ancestors & Rituals

Ancestors & Rituals 11 10 '17 > 14 01 '18 @ BOZAR. From Sumatra to Java, from the Moluccas to Papua: across the whole of Indonesia, ancestors have played and still play a leading role. This unique introduction to Indonesia starts out from cultural heritage, but also poses topical questions about the place of traditions and rituals in contemporary (...)

Power and other things

Power and other things Indonesia & Art (1835-now)18 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ BOZAR. A chronological story beginning with four fascinating 19th and 20th century artists, including Jan Toorop and Raden Saleh, who shaped Indonesian art history. Alongside them, contemporary Indonesian and European artists, will contribute mostly new creations.


Archipel 25 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ La Boverie. Throughout the history of Indonesia – an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands – the sea has played a prominent role. It brought the first Austronesian immigrants and their culture and thanks to the sea, great empires (such as the Srivijaya and the Majapahit) and their trade could (...)