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EUROPALIA fascinates a varied audience. The number of disciplines, partners, approaches and subjects, the coexistence of past and present, the significance of the exposed works, the participation of world famous or emerging figures provides EUROPALIA with great cultural responsibility.

If you would like to support our mission, make a donation to EUROPALIA and by doing so, collaborate to:

• Promoting exchange between nations

• Promoting the cultural heritage of the invited countries

• Valorizing the cultural heritage of Belgium and the rest of Europe

• Contributing to the cultural dimension of European construction

• Valorizing the diversity of cultures within Europe and their dialogue with the rest of the world

• The exceptional exhibition of art pieces that, for some, have never left their country of origin before

• The first time gathering of shattered pieces

• Welcoming world famous artists and contributing to the (re-)discovery of forgotten or emerging artists

• The collaboration between Belgian and the guest country’s artists.

As a donator, you will have your name published in the programme book and on the website (unless agreed otherwise).
Every donation entitles to a tax exemption certificate (as from 40 EUR).

How can you support EUROPALIA ?

Make a donation by bank transfer to:
Galerie Ravenstein 4 bte3
1000 Brussels
IBAN : BE90 3100 7631 4232
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