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Festival Centre Festival Centre

Nestled in the grandeur of the Dynasty Building at the edge of Mont des Arts, you can find a little piece of Indonesia. Let the scent of Indonesian coffee lure you in and the flavour elevate your stay. 

Browse through a beautiful selection of art catalogues and ethically sourced products, taste different delicacies from every corner of the archipelago and discover a diverse range of fascinating workshops and lectures – all dedicated to the guest country. The Festival Centre invites you to catch a first glimpse of Indonesian culture!

Car-free Sunday

Car-free Sunday Festive opening of the Festival CentreThe inauguration of the EUROPALIA Festival Centre coincides with Brussels Car Free Sunday. Come and enjoy a first introduction to Indonesian culture and let the following four months of the festival guide you through the rest !

Agenda of Activities @ Festival CentreThe Festival Centre invites you to catch a first glimpse of Indonesian culture through a diverse range of fascinating workshops and lectures – all dedicated to the guest country!

Design of the Festival CentreFrom the 10th of October, a geometrical construction inspired by Faisal Habibi in collaboration with Aslı Çiçek, will adorn the high walls of the Dynasty Building.

Coffee bar and workshop

Coffee bar and workshop The Art of Indonesian CoffeeIndonesia is blessed with a large variety of unique and tasty coffees. Come and discover their stories and the kaleidoscope of tastes, starting in Sumatra, moving towards Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Flores, until the farthest reaches of Papua.

Chocolate workshop & degustation

Chocolate workshop & degustation The Art of Indonesian ChocolatTraditional chocolate maker Mi Joya shapes chocolate from bean-to-bar. For EUROPALIA INDONESIA he has dived into the specificities of the Indonesian cacao bean to create a limited edition chocolate bar.

Fairtrade products

Fairtrade products Javara - TBCJavara works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution in order to help the biodiversity of Indonesia and bring community-based, organic products to broader markets.

Godi Suwarna, Tan Lioe Ie, Zubaidah Djohar & Laurence Vielle

Godi Suwarna, Tan Lioe Ie, Zubaidah Djohar & Laurence Vielle Poetic exorcismThree great Indonesian poets, each with a unique voice and personality, enter in dialogue with Belgian National Poet Laurence Vielle. Through their poems, they will discuss the unique role of the ancestors in Indonesia.

Artist talk

Artist talk Melati Suryodarmo (EN)Come listen to world-renowned choreographer and performer Melati Suryodarmo talk about herself, her art and her new creation Tomorrow, as Purposed.

Opening up the Artistic Practice

Opening up the Artistic Practice Rianto & P.A.R.T.S.The Javanese dancer Rianto learnt the gender-transcending lengger dance from the old masters on his home turf. At the Festival Centre, he will discuss his art with the public and the students of P.A.R.T.S. (in English)

Poésie pour les ancêtres

Poésie pour les ancêtres Laurence VielleSur invitation d'EUROPALIA, Laurence Vielle est partie à Makassar, sur les traces des ancêtres. Dans le Festival Centre, elle lira les poèmes qu'elle y a écrit et vous parlera des rencontres fascinantes qu'elle y a fait. (In French)

Annelies Verbeke, Bouke Billiet & Gustaaf Peek

Annelies Verbeke, Bouke Billiet & Gustaaf Peek citybooks @ IndonesiaFrom Jakarta to Semarang, deBuren invites you to traval with citybooks: urban portraits in words and imagines by renowned international writers and photographers. (In Dutch)

Meeting with the curators of "Natural Capital"

Meeting with the curators of Laura Herman & Charlotte Dumoncel d'ArgenceThe project 'Natural Capital' by Laura Herman and Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence was selected for the EUROPALIA CURATOR'S AWARD. Together with three artists of their choice, they went to Indonesia to work around the theme of biodiversity of the archipelago (in English)

Travel tips

Travel tips Off the Beaten Track (in NL)Maak je nu al wilde plannen om het vliegtuig op te springen en de Indonesische cultuur ook ter plaatse te ontdekken? Leg je oor te luister bij Ludo Wauters.

Arts and crafts for the ancestorsIn the Festival Centre, you are invite to work with some of the artworks from the exhibition Ancestors & Rituals. Make your own mask and crown.!


Workshop Indonesian MasksMasks are an important part of Indonesian culture. They are not only used for dance and theatre, they posses strong magical powers that are transferred on to those wearing them. As their power grows through time, the older the mask, the more powerful it becomes!Decorate your own mask and don’t forget to (...)

Conference by Philip Vermoortel

Conference by Philip Vermoortel De andere Multatuli (in DutchPhilip Vermoortel, professor en Multatuli-expert, spreek over "de andere Multatuli". Ontdek alle facetten van de vermaarde Nederlandse schrijver, ook deze die je nog niet bekend waren.

Conference by Dik van der Meulen

Conference by Dik van der Meulen Multatuli en macht (in NL)Dik van der Meulen promoveerde in 2002 op een biografie van Multatuli, waarvoor hij de AKO Literatuurprijs won.

Conference by Alain Ernotte

Conference by Alain Ernotte Géopolitique de l'IndonésieAlain Ernotte est guide-conférencier en Asie depuis plus de 20 ans. Il vous convie à partir à la découverte des mille et une facettes de l’archipel indonésien. Comment un jardin d’épices, colonisé par les Hollandais, est devenu un des Tigres de l’Asie?


Workshop Wayang kulit shadow puppetsDiscover the magic behind the wayang kulit, the famous Indonesian shadow puppet theatre. In Indonesia, it is a revered and mysterious art, a ritual through which the doors to the spirit world can be opened.

Storytelling time from and by Roxane Ca’Zorzi

Storytelling time from and by Roxane Ca’Zorzi Tigre, tigre!Le spectacle Tigre, Tigre!, tour du monde d’un animal, interrogation sur le rapport entre la nature et la culture, participera à EUROPALIA INDONESIA. La dernière histoire du spectacle, la clôture apaisante du voyage est, en effet, un conte animiste de tradition indonésienne.

Storytelling time by Roxane Ca’Zorzi

Storytelling time by Roxane Ca’Zorzi À l'ombre du manguier (FR)Parmi les nombreuses îles de l’Indonésie, leurs cultures multiples, le spectacle conté "À l'ombre du manguier" met l’accent sur des histoires de tradition animiste, interrogeant le rapport au temps, à l’âme et à la nature.

Demonstration & workshop

Demonstration & workshop Pencak silat martial artsPencak silat is the collective name for traditional Indonesian martial arts. Trainer and head of the pencak silat school Panca Sila in Maastricht, joins us with his team and live traditional musical support to show this martial art in practice.


Workshop Art with banana leavesBanana leaves are used very often in Indonesia. They are the perfect material to make arts and crafts with. Sarlin Djiwa and Wereldkleur takes you on a trip to Indonesia and shows you how to craft decorations with banana leaves.

Literary bricolage

Literary bricolage PotamotsMystérieuse Indonésie : que lire, que dire….que d’îles ! Et que d’auteurs à découvrir, des plus anciens aux plus modernes ! Les lecteurs de Potamots vous entraînent à leur suite dans le sillage d’une littérature diversifiée, ancrée dans la tradition et résolument contemporaine.


Workshop Balinese DanceIn Balinese dance, the posture and movements are often the exact opposite of western dans styles like classical ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. It is mostly directed towards the front of the stage which makes it similar to Egyptian images.

Demonstration & workshop

Demonstration & workshop Sepak takraw kick volleyball Sepak takraw is sometimes described as 'football-volleyball on a badminton court’. The players make all sorts of acrobatic movements to score with the ball in the field of their opponents. In short, a traditional ball sport that will amaze you!


Workshop Kecak dance and gamelan music 


Workshop Sumpitan blowgun dartsOriginally, the sumpitan blowgun from Borneo was used as a hunting weapon to shoot small game out of trees. This Indonesian darts game also stands for an afternoon of fun! Make your own little blowgun and shoot darts at a wooden plank.


Workshop Make your own music instrumentIndonesia has an extremely rich musical culture. Learn how to mimic sounds through your voice, your body and daily objects in this workshop. Make your own musical instrument and be amazed by the sounds you can express.