• Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Lovely man © Iyas Lawrence
  • © Bayu Prihantoro Filemon
  • © Pritagita Arianegara
  • Sendiri Diana Sendiri (Following Diana) © Kamila Andini
  • © Riri Riza
  • © Jay Subiakto

Film Programme Indonesian Film Festival

In January 2018, Vendôme (Brussels) welcomes a large retrospective of Indonesian cinema from the last twenty years, with no fewer than 51 films and 10 guests. The opening film Opera Jawa will be screened at BOZAR in the presence of director Garin Nugroho.

Requiem for Java (Opera Jawa)

Requiem for Java (Opera Jawa) The story told in Opera Jawa is based on the abduction of Sinta, from the Indonesian version of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. Sinta is the wife of Prince Rama, the hero of the Ramayana, and the story recounts his struggle against the forces of evil to gain Sinta’s release.

Lovely Man

Lovely Man Preceded by the short film "The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might"A transvestite sex worker, Saiful, is confronted by the Muslim-raised teenage daughter he abandoned. Angrily dismissing the girl at first Saiful gradually opens up and reveals harsh truths about his marriage and utter lack of shame about his profession.

A Poet (Puisi Tak Terkuburkan)

A Poet (Puisi Tak Terkuburkan) Preceded by the short film "It's not Raining Outside"A Poet tells the true story of the didong (a style of ballad) poet Ibrahim Kadir. He was in prison and was present during the mass killings of an estimated 500,000 suspected communists when Indonesian President Suharto came to power in 1965. His humanistic poems recreate (...)

Solo Solitude (Istirahatlah Kata-Kata)

Solo Solitude (Istirahatlah Kata-Kata) Preceded by the short film Rising from Silence (Bangkit dari Bisu)The Suharto regime has been holding power in Indonesia for over 30 years, shutting down democracy time and time again. Highly critical of the regime and unafraid to speak his mind, Wiji Thukul is a poet whose words are often yelled proudly by the crowd during (...)

About a Woman

About a Woman Preceded by Following Diana (Sendiri Diana Sendiri)Dayu, 64, is an aging widower who has been living on her own for the past fifteen years. After the departure of a housemaid who has been working for her for many years, Dayu hires a 17-year-old boy as a house cleaner.

Stepping on the Flying Grass (Cita-Citaku Setinggi Tanah)

Stepping on the Flying Grass (Cita-Citaku Setinggi Tanah) Assigned by their teacher to write an essay about their most cherished dream, four young friends in rural Indonesia each take a different approach to their assignment. Class representative Jono wants to be a soldier when he grows up, and practices by playing war games in his backyard.

The Rainbow Troops (Laskar Pelangi)

The Rainbow Troops (Laskar Pelangi) The movie follows a group of 10 schoolchildren and their two inspirational teachers as they struggle with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra.

Mother (Athirah)

Mother (Athirah) Preceded by In Betweeness (Calalai)This film tells the story of a rich family in 1960’s South Sulawesi where polygamy is the norm at the time. Athirah is a housewife who lives happily with her husband and children. But her life turns upside down when it’s discovered that her husband has married another woman.


Siti Preceded by Seclusion (Pingitan)A young mother to her son, Siti has to find ways and means to care for the boy, her husband and her mother-in- law. By day, she sells snacks; by night, she works as a karaoke guide. Tainted by her nighttime employment, Siti finds her husband no longer wishes to speak to her.

The Dreamer (Sang Pemimpi)

The Dreamer (Sang Pemimpi) The three main characters are Ikal, Arai and Jimbron. Ikal is the alter-ego of Andrea Hirata while Arai is a distant relative of an orphan called "Simpai Keramat" as he is the last family member who is still alive and eventually became the foster brother of Ikal.

Banda: The Dark Forgotten Trail

Banda: The Dark Forgotten Trail In medieval centuries, a handful of nutmegs worth more than a crate of gold in European Markets. Monopoly of the Arab and the crusade wars brought European countries in the race to find spice islands, which later sparked the clash of nations.


Kuldesak Kuldesak is an omnibus film on the lives and problems of young urbans of the 90s in Jakarta. It is a mixture of comedy, drama and action. The film mainly deals with how one struggles to achieve one’s dream or happiness and confronts changes of values in a modern city dwelling.


Turah Preceded by After A Third of Night (Lewat Sepertiga Malam)The residents of Kampung Tirang live in dilapidated shacks just to earn for their next meal. The hardworking and reliable Turah has been appointed by the cooperative leader to tend to complaints or settle conflicts that arise in the village.

Atambua 39' Celcius

Atambua 39' Celcius A father, a son and a stranger cross path in a place where the heat of the sun can either burn or warm old wounds.


Nokas Preceded by The Dancer (Sang Penari) & SerpongNokas (27) from East Nusa Tenggara, is very much keen on marrying his beloved Ci, a pretty young woman who works in a chicken farm. In East Nusa Tenggara, men are obliged to offer a significant dowry to the bride’s family.

A Copy of My Mind

A Copy of My Mind Set in Jakarta and the film tells the story of young couple who fall in love but end up in trouble when the woman steals a DVD from a client. The film explores the difficulties faced by those living in a city marred by political corruption.


Fiksi. Alisha never feel comfortable staying in her cool and spacious home until one day she meets Bari who introduces her the meaning of love.

Pesantren: 3 Wishes 3 Loves (3 Doa 3 Cinta)

Pesantren: 3 Wishes 3 Loves (3 Doa 3 Cinta) Three teenagers Huda, Rian, and Syahid attend a pesantren (Islamic religious school) in a small Indonesian village. With only a month left before graduation their lives change dramatically when they are suddenly arrested on suspicions of terrorist ties following September 11, 2001.

Postcards from the Zoo (Kebun binatang)

Postcards from the Zoo (Kebun binatang) The zoo – a place of yearning. The zoo animals are yearning for freedom and many of the visitors long for adventure and the call of the wild. In the midst of it all is Lana, who is enchanted by the zoo ever since she was a little girl.

Love For Share (Berbagi Suami)

Love For Share (Berbagi Suami) The film brings together three women (in three different stories) from three different social classes and ethnic backgrounds, conveying their passages in dealing with polygamy.


Salawaku In a seaside village in the Moluccas, 10-year-old Salawaku leaves home to find his sister Binaiya, who has disappeared. He meets 20-year-old Saras from Jakarta, and they begin travelling together. Saras has left her hometown for the same reason as Binaiya.

Fishing Platform (Jermal)

Fishing Platform (Jermal) Preceded by Waiting to Arrive (Nunggu Teka)After his mother's death, 12-year-old Jaya is sent to his father, Johar, who works as a supervisor on a jermal (a fishing platform perched on log stilts in the middle of the sea). Johar is shocked, never knowing he has a son, and rejects the boy as his kin.

Chants of Lotus (Perempuan Punya Cerita)

Chants of Lotus (Perempuan Punya Cerita) This is an omnibus film by women directors is a film about sexuality with the goal of giving Indonesian woman a right to voice their opinions, Chants Of Lotus tells the stories from a feminine point of view in different geographical and social contexts in Indonesia.

Tale of the Madangkara's Knight (Saur Sepuh: Satria Madangkara)

Tale of the Madangkara's Knight (Saur Sepuh: Satria Madangkara) Set at the end of the Majapahit era, Bre Wirabhumi, son of Hayamwuruk, but born from a concubine, demands his right to be king of Majapahit. The kingdom is then ruled by Wikramawardhana, son-in-law of Hayamwuruk.

At Stake (Pertaruhan)

At Stake (Pertaruhan) DOCUMENTARY. At Stake is a documentary anthology tackling taboo issues that many women are facing in the world's most populous Islamic country, Indonesia. Topics range from female genital mutilation to the conflict that arises when unmarried women want to go to the gynecologist.

Three Maidens (Tiga Dara)

Three Maidens (Tiga Dara) The film follows three sisters who live with their father and grandmother. When the eldest sister, Nunung, shows no interest in marrying, her family tries unsuccessfully to find a husband for her. Nunung initially rejects the advances of a young man named Toto, who instead dates her younger sister.

Mama’s Soil (Tana Mama)

Mama’s Soil (Tana Mama) Preceded by the short film MemoriaDOCUMENTARY. A husband's job is to clear-up the land. A wife’s job is to plant the soil. The whole family in Papua eat from what the mother plant. This film follow the journey of Mama Halosina in trying to feed their children after her husband no longer provide them (...)

Crescent Moon (Mencari Hilal)

Crescent Moon (Mencari Hilal) Preceded by MaryamA journey of father and son, Mahmud, an Islamic conservative, and Heli, a young liberal, are pushed to travel together in search of hilal, the very first new crescent moon, which also defines their new opportunity to have a better relationship. Screened in Tokyo International Film Festival.

In the Absence of the Sun (Selamat Pagi Malam)

In the Absence of the Sun (Selamat Pagi Malam) A story of 3 different women in different age, dealing with sexuality and secrets that intertwined in one night.

The Land Beneath the Fog (Negeri Di Bawah Kabut)

The Land Beneath the Fog (Negeri Di Bawah Kabut) DOCUMENTARY. In Genikan, a remote mountain village on the Merbabu slope (Central Java), a quiet community is facing change without understanding why it's happening. As a community of farmers who rely heavily on the traditional Javanese calendar to plant crops become puzzled by the dramatic change of seasons.

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Scouted in a small island of Serui in Papua, nineteen year-old Hans leaves the orphanage he calls home for Jakarta to become a professional football player. Yet an accident prevents his childhood dream from becoming a reality. A failed suicide attempt brings him to an encounter with Mak, owner of a simple Padang restaurant. (...)

After 15 Years... (Setelah 15 Tahun...)

After 15 Years... (Setelah 15 Tahun...) Preceded by Dear My Homeland (Saudara Dalam Sejarah)DOCUMENTARY. 15 years after reformation movement that toppled down Soeharto in 1998. Is Indonesia now better compare to New Regime time of Soeharto?