Farida Amadou
— Entre-temps
© Joeri Thiry

Inspired by the sounds and passing images she has captured through the windows of moving trains, the musician Farida Amadou presents an audiovisual installation in two parts. A first space, littered with objects from the railway universe, is mixed with amplified piano chords, allowing the public to create a sound improvisation. A second space combines moving images of trains in Belgium and West Africa (Niger, Mali, Senegal). Some of these images were filmed by members of the young musician’s family who live in Niamey and Dakar. Others were filmed by Farida Amadou. They merge to create a compilation of contemporary perspectives. She integrates sounds that she has captured during recent collaborations with musicians from all walks of life, recorded during 2020.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
07.12.2021 - 09.01.2022
Rue de la Régence 3 - 1000 Brussels
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