— 15 years on track

The international film festival for young audiences Filem’On is holding its 15th edition this year from October 27 until November 6, 2021.

During 11 days, we’ll be showing unique films to schools, families and associations in various theaters and cultural houses of Brussels. More than 130 films, in all formats and of all genres, for children and teens between 2 and 16, will be programmed. Many films will compete for a Belgian, international or European award, in the presence of the director or actor. In addition, there are many fun workshops and cinema concerts especially curated for children and young people. The city of Brussels is put in the spotlight through our fascinating cinematic walk.

Info and tickets via Filem'On and CINEMATEK.

Programme in detail

October - Children's Film Month

Come to the libraries of Schaerbeek and Munpunt in October and immerse yourself in fun films and creative workshops on the theme of trains and tracks. Free admission for kids & teens! You can find tickets here.

Short film series 'All aboard on the Filem'On Express!'
Train World
02 11 21 - 17:30

Hop on the "Filem'On Express"! Experience exciting adventures and dream of distant lands! Discover this moving short film series with the whole family in the unique setting of Train World.

La Vénerie/Espace Delvaux
06 11 21 - 15:00

Jump on the train of moving images! Join us on a journey through the city and follow the traces of the idiosyncratic musical notes, together with Stephane Orlando, pianist, versatile musician and SABAM award winner 2020. You can find more info here.

Filmstage Trainworld
01 11 21-05 11 21 - 10:00-17:00

During an exciting 5-day film workshop in Train World, teenagers (aged 10-15) learn diverse filmmaking techniques and look for filmmaking inspiration from the current exhibitions about the Orient Express in the museum. They will then work together to make a short film, which will be screened in the cinema at the end of the week! During this week, teenagers will also be able to watch a teen film from our festival program and conduct an interview with the director afterwards. You can find more info here.

Film workshop Aximax
02 11 21-05 11 21 - 09:00-16:00

3-2-1... Action! During this week, we will watch films and go out with our camera and microphone. We will shoot in different stations, animate them using a pixelation technique and show our result at the end of the week: a real film that will be screened on a big screen. In cooperation with Aximax. You can find more info here.

Installation 'The Silhouettes on the Train'
Cinema Nova
02 11 21 - 13:00
04 11 21 - 10:00
04 11 21 - 13:00
05 11 21 - 10:00

‘The Silhouettes on the Train’ from Taartrovers is a theatrical installation. When you sit on the train and look outside, you see a lot. And it moves; in the distance slowly, nearby at a brisk pace. It's a bit like a film with these still images moving. And what do you see? Can you think of a story to go with it?

Animation film workshop Winokio Kidscam
De Markten
02 11 21-05 11 21

KAPITEIN WINOKIO and KIDSCAM have already worked together several times. Children, under the guidance of Joris Van Dael, have enjoyed making clips for his songs! This time, you can come and make an animated film for the new song “With the train”. You can find more info here.

27.10.2021 - 06.11.2021
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