Germaine Kruip
— Resonance

Germaine Kruip presents Resonance, a new site-responsive work for the Antwerp Central train station. Resonance springs from Kruip’s vivid –and visceral– memory of the anti-Semitic terrorist attack that occurred in the Antwerp diamond trade district on October 20th, 1981. While official history offers a narrative of political and economic failures and successes, we mustn’t forget that there is also personal memory, which produces stories often left untold or told indirectly, without words. With this new work, Kruip offers to make visible and audible the long-lasting impact of history’s turmoil and tragedy, but also proposes a harmonic and reflective counterpoint to traumas of the past.

The site-specifically commissioned piece consists of a five-part and twenty-meter long brass horizontal structure, displayed along the balcony of the central station’s main entrance hall. When activated, the brass beams create deep reverberations, producing overtones and generating new fields of resonance that travel throughout the space. The in-situ performative sculpture will be performed by five musicians during scheduled activations, the first time on the 20th of October, 2021, exactly forty years after the tragic events.

Germaine Kruip has been developing brass works since 2017 in close collaboration with renowned instrument-maker Thein Brass. These objects, made from a unique metal alloy, exist at the intersection of visual art and the world of music

New creation
Event in train station
Antwerp Central Station
20.10.2021 - 15.05.2022
Koningin Astridplein 27 - 2018 Antwerp
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