La Flèche et l’Éléphant
La Flèche et l'Eléphant

This spectacular event, which EUROPALIA developed together with Ictus Ensemble on the occasion of EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS, will pay tribute to the first passenger train ride on the European continent that took place on 5 May 1835, between Brussels and Mechelen. The public is invited to board a private train in Brussels to the Central Workshop in Mechelen. For this occasion, this huge industrial site, where trains and train parts are built and restored, servicing Belgium's railway network, opens its doors for the first time. Visitors are invited on an artistic voyage full of extraordinary audio and visual performances by contemporary artists  such as Ictus Ensemble, Ann Eysermans, Myriam Pruvot and Fritz Hauser. In collaboration with Ictus Ensemble, Kunstencentrum nona, NMBS, Mechelen Central Workshop, ChampdAction.

Ticket sales will start in January 2022.

Event on train
Mechelen Central workshop
19.03.2022 - 17:00
Bautersemstraat 61 - 2800 Mechelen
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