Lisette Ma Neza
— What Does it Mean to Be Black in Europe?
© Melanie Musisi

Inspired by the book Afropean by Johny Pitts, slam poet and musician Lisette Ma Neza got on a train in Brussels and travelled around Europe in search of the Afro-European identity. She documented her encounters and wrote new poems and songs. On this literary evening, she shares a poetic account of her journey.

Lisette Ma Neza (Leiderdorp NL, 1998) studied film at the LUCA-School of Arts in Brussels. She emerged as the voice of a new literary generation when she won the 2017 Belgian Poetry Slam Championship; she did so as the first Dutch speaker, first woman and first poet of colour ever. In 2018, she became vice-world champion in Slam Poetry in Rio de Janeiro. So far, she has only published her work on stage, both solo and with her accompanying band. The VRT called her "our very own Amanda Gorman."

26.11.2021 - 20:00
Place de la Monnaie 6 - 1000 Brussels
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