Meakusma, les ateliers claus and Stroom
— OOSTENDE-EUPEN by Nosedrip
© Meakusma

In the framework of EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS comes a podcast accompaniment to the Ostend-Eupen train line, compiled and mixed by Ziggy Devriendt, also known as Nosedrip of the record label Stroom. From the drab to the sublime, from decay to grandeur, from the natural to the industrial, from the pastoral to the absence of urban planning; Belgium’s sights have always both inspired and disheartened. This podcast touches upon the dizzying rush of landscapes, perspectives and credos that comes with travelling through Belgium, resulting in a magnificent paradox.

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Developed by: Meakusma (Eupen), les ateliers claus (Brussels), Stroom (Ostend)
With the support of: EUROPALIA Arts Festival, Ostbelgien
Featuring works by: Aksak Maboul, Alain Pierre, Aponogeton, Ben Bertrand, Céline
Gillain, Christina Nickel, Damien Chapelle, Distels, Farida Amadou, Floris Hoorelbeke, Gregoire Tirtiaux, Gerrit Valckenaers, Hondasuccess, Ignatz, Jacques Charlier, Lennaert Jacobs, Leo Kupper, Mathieu Serruys, MCBN & Furio G, Pablo’s Eye, Sagat, SG, Sensu, Ssaliva, Stilll ft Voice Actor, Weird Dust, Wolfgang Delnui.

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