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Since 2000, MUS-E Belgium has been bringing active art experiences to children and young people, regardless of their prior skills or backgrounds. Participants are invited to step into the world of artists during interactive courses in which imagination, experimentation and dialogue are central. Within the EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS festival, MUS-E Belgium is organising twenty courses spread across the entire country under the name STATION TO STATION. Around 400 children and young people are set on an artistic track to work on a theme together with professional artists. Each course consists of around ten workshops, and the starting point is always the individuality of the accompanying artist(s), the specific local reality, and the partners involved.

Artist in the classroom! Seventeen courses in schools in Ostend, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Tournai, Saint Ghislain and Hasselt. Three of the courses in Brussels have an international dimension through dialogue with three other European capital cities where MUS-E is also present. 

• Three holiday activities of one week that culminate in performances and/or installations.

• A residency in the Contemporary Arts Centre Les Brigittines, where Dutch-speaking and French-speaking children work together creatively. 

14.10.2021 - 15.05.2022
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