Rita Hoofwijk
— Jean

Jean can be found aboard the train on the Brussels-Amsterdam-Brussels route but can also be visited via the traveller's mobile phone. It is based on a manifesto by kinetic artist Jean Tinguely, in which he calls on us to throw away our watches, to put the minutes and hours aside. 

With Jean, artist Rita Hoofwijk makes a proposal for a new kind of timepiece. The focus is not on the clock itself, but on the perception and experience of constant movement: the movement of the train itself; of the body; of fellow travellers boarding and disembarking; of the landscape outside, the changing seasons. Jean invites us to lose all sense of time, but meanwhile focuses on the experience of time.

The work of Dutch artist Rita Hoofwijk always stems from a specific location or context. It explores the possibilities of the environments in which it resides, either mentally or physically, and seems to ask for a reconsideration of one's initial observation. The work materialises in different forms, from spatial interventions and installations to audio and text. Hoofwijk is currently an artist-in-residence at SoAP Maastricht. In 2021, her work is programmed at, among other, De Brakke Grond, KANAL Centre Pompidou and during Oerol Festival. 


Research and creation: Rita Hoofwijk

Website development: Ehud Neuhaus

Dramaturgy: Elowise Vandenbroecke

Production: EUROPALIA Arts Festival

Executive production:  SoAP Maastricht

Residency support: workspacebrussels, De Grote Post, De Brakke Grond


Event on train
New creation
Brussels-Amsterdam-Brussels Train
14.10.2021 - 15.05.2022
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