• Tan Lioe Le ©Agus Wiryadhi Saidi
  • ©Zubaidah Djohar
  • © Godi Suwarna
  • Laurence Vielle © Andy Huysmans

Godi Suwarna, Tan Lioe Ie, Zubaidah Djohar & Laurence Vielle Poetic exorcism



29 10 '17 - 16:00

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Bâtiment Dynastie - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Bruxelles



Activité littéraire en anglais

Three great Indonesian poets, each with a unique voice and personality, enter in dialogue with Belgian National Poet Laurence Vielle. Through their poems, they will discuss the unique role of the ancestors in Indonesia.

Godi Suwarna was born in West Java and works as a poet and a prose writer. Godi Suwarna is a master of declamatory poetry reading in Sundanese language. His poems are a melange of voices, rural, traditional, urban and cosmopolitan.

Tan Lioe Ie was born in 1958 in Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia). He studied architecture at Jakarta university before completing his undergraduate in economics at Udayana University. He enjoys creating music of poetry.

Zubaidah Djohar is a researcher, trainer, humanitarian worker and most famously, a poet.  She is widely published on a range of issues that seek to unpack the impacts of conflict on women in Aceh and the role of women in contemporary society. 

Laurence Vielle (Brussels, 1968) is a Belgian French-speaking poetess and comedian. She writes and recites; according to her, poetry is orality. She deeply loves to say the words, to make them sound, chanting and beating them.  She defines herself like a gleaner of words, her words and other people’s words. They are her drums, she tries to tune up her heart to them. Laurence Vielle went on residency to Indonesia and let herself be inspired by the archipelago.