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Indonesia and Plastic Concern Conference in English by Sidi Rana Menggala



09 12 '17 - 16:00

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Bâtiment Dynastie - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Bruxelles



Sidi Rana Menggala PhD Student Ghent University

Indonesia is famous for its beautiful nature panoramas, from the top of the mountain to the dark blue of the sea. From the tropical forest in Kalimantan to the coral triangle in Raja Ampat Papua. The beauty of Indonesia is contrary to the label given for this country. Surprisingly, Indonesia has been named the world’s second largest producer of rubbish found in the world’s ocean, after China. It is measure that Indonesia produced 3.2 million tons of plastic waste with around 1.29 million tons ending up in the sea. 

In 2010, Greeneration Indonesia, an organisation with concern in the environment, started their self-campaign encouraging people to reduce the use of plastic.  They named it “Diet Kantong Plastik” or the plastic bag diet. In 2013, together with many other initiatives and organisation, they raised a petition #pay4plastic which had 60.000++ signers. The request pushed the governor to make a regulation about reducing the use of plastic. It responded by the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry; they planned to try out a surcharge scheme to discourage the use of plastic.