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Islamic Diversity



20 11 '17 - 18:30

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Bâtiment Dynastie - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Bruxelles


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EUROPALIA, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Rencontre littéraire avec Lily Yulianti Farid, Intan Paramaditha & Ben Sohib (en anglais)

Modérateur Manneke Budiman
Lecture des poèmes par Els Moors

The predominant religion in Indonesia is clearly Islam, since 202 million inhabitants consider themselves Muslim (or more than 85% of the population). Nevertheless, it is a mistake to look at it as one big, homogenous entity. Just like the Indonesian archipelago itself, the Islam is characterised by its huge diversity in believes, rituals, customs and traditions. The santri from Java, for example, are orthodox Muslims from the cities, who give a central place to the Quran and the mosque. The mostly rural abangan, on the other hand, have mixed the Islamic believes with Buddhist, Hindu and animistic elements.

Three great Indonesian authors, whose work focuses on the daily life of Muslims, will sit together during this unique litterary encounter, and discuss the role and the many faces of the Islam in Indonesia.