• Rianto - Medium © Wannes Cré
  • Rianto - Medium © Wannes Cré
  • Rianto - Medium © Wannes Cré

Workshop with Rianto @ P.A.R.T.S.



31 10 > 03 11 '17 - 10:00 > 13:00

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Avenue Van Volxem 164
B-1190 Bruxelles


For professional dancers and dance students
Max. 20 participants/workshop

T +32 (0)2 344 55 98


130,00 € for 4 days

To register, please send an email (including your cv) to Jens Buysschaert


P.A.R.T.S., EUROPALIA, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

A master in the Central Javanese cross gender dance form of Lengger, Rianto has developed a unique vocabulary that embodies both the masculine and feminine. 

During the workshop Rianto leads participants through the foundations of classical Javanese technique, the Javanese masked dance traditions and philosophies and his unique approach to fluidity. He embodies fluidity as a practice between genders, classical form, contemporary techniques and village traditions.

The intensely physical training is combined with studies into the relationship between Rianto's religious body, social body, political body and traditional body.

As a contemporary dancer Rianto has worked closely with Choy Ka Fai, Sen Hae Ha, Akiko Kitamura, and most recently Akram Khan, joining the company to take on Akram’s role in Until The Lions.

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