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Early maps of Indonesia International Conference (in het Engels)



09 12 '17 - 09:30 > 16:00

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Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België
Keizerslaan 4
B-1000 Brussel


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Lezing in het Engels

At the conference Early Maps of Indonesia, you will hear speakers who paint a broad overview of the mapping of Indonesia from the 16th century onwards: the European nations involved and their motives, the most important mapmakers, and the most iconic maps. The speakers greatly reflect these nations: Portuguese, Dutch and British (but Indonesia-based). 

We follow a chronological line, starting with the Portuguese explorers and their maps, with attention paid to some contemporary, non-Portuguese mapmakers. We then continue with the other European explorers and mapmakers who mapped the region. Given the importance of the Dutch both for the history of Indonesia and for that of mapmaking, two Dutch speakers will highlight this. They will start by sketching the general picture of the presence of Dutch mapmakers in Batavia, where the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie – the Dutch United East India Company) had its headquarters and then continue on a more pointed and controversial issue: that of the (supposed?) secrecy of the VOC maps.

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