• Lavesh Samtani

Lavesh Samtani



20 01 '18 - 19:00

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Waversesteenweg 18
B-1050 Brussel


EUROPALIA, Vendôme, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Producer en archivist Samtani strijdt voor de bescherming van de Indonesische film. De televisiezender die hij leidt, Flik, zendt enkel nationale films uit.

Ontmoeting met de filmrestaurateur na de projectie van:

Tale of the Madangkara's Knight (Indonesia, 1988)

20 01 '18 - 19:00
Ondertitels FR/EN

Directed by Imam Tantowi
With Murti Sari Dewi, Elly Ermawati, Baron Hermanto

Set at the end of the Majapahit era, Bre Wirabhumi, son of Hayamwuruk, but born from a concubine, demands his right to be king of Majapahit. The kingdom is then ruled by Wikramawardhana, son-in-law of Hayamwuruk. To rival Majapahit, Bre Wirabhumi creates the Pamotan kingdom and looks for allies amongst other kingdoms. This creates confusion among the kingdoms friendly with Majapahit. 

Brama Kumbara (Fendy Pradana) from the Madangkara kingdom tries to settle the dispute. What happens instead is a misunderstanding that leads to the death of Brama’s envoy. Even worst, the lover of the murderer, Lasmini (Murti Sari Dewi), takes revenge by kidnapping Brama’s wife. The conflict then escalates into the Paregreg war between Majapahit and Pamotan.