04.10 — 14.01.2024
europalia georgia
In 2023, europalia dedicated an arts festival to Georgia! The starting point for this edition was the country’s fascinating culture and the art scene of its bustling capital, Tbilisi, alongside that of lesser-known cities and regions. Between 4 October 2023 and 14 January 2024, visitors could enjoy a rich programme of exhibitions, performances, concerts, film, dance and theatre productions and literature across Belgium.
Kirill Zdanevich, Sketch for the play Malshtrem, 1924 © Georgian State Museum of Theatre Music Film and Choreography - Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History, Tbilisi
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Every two years, europalia compiles a diverse artistic programme focusing on a country or a theme. For four months, in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, europalia, in collaboration with a wide network of cultural partners, presents a biennial with a myriad of artistic and socio-cultural projects that bring together visual arts, performing arts, film, music, literature and debate to stimulate an exchange of ideas. Newly commissioned projects and artistic residencies hold a central place in the programme, which engenders a unique interaction between heritage and art.