Migrating together
— Laure Prouvost & Singing Molenbeek
© Laure Prouvost, Every Sunday Grandma, 2022, video still. Courtesy of the artist


World acclaimed visual artist Laure Prouvost has been residing in the heart of Molenbeek for some years now, where she connected with Singing Molenbeek, a children's project launched in 2014 that aims to encourage children to try their hand at singing without any prior musical training. Laure Prouvost has integrated the choir in several of her performances and videos. For art2gether, they teamed up to prepare a choreographed walk during which the children will sing and carry flags — both the song lyrics and text fragments on the flags will relate to the core values of Article 2. The parade will start at Laure Prouvost's open-air scultpure at the Bruxelles-midi train station — erected on the occasion of europalia trains & tracks in 2021 — and head to the Place de la Bourse where the choir will perform their final song with Tsar B.

Singing Molenbeek

Migrating Together
Gare de Bruxelles-Midi
31/5/2024 - 17:00:00 - 18:45:00
Boulevard de l'Europe - 1060 Bruxelles
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